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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


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57 thoughts on “Is It A Jewish /Religious Question Or Is It Really All About Politics?”

  1. Wally D. says:
    It’s a shame and a pity that articles like this one are not seen in the mainstream media. It is an accurate and truthful counterbalance to all the widespread media portraying Jews as “God’s Chosen Ones”, or “our little buddies” in the Middle East. In the interest of fair and balanced news reporting, we should be allowed to see the underbelly of a very powerful ethnic group which dominates much of the news and remains the epicenter of turmoil.
  2. B.A.Frémaux-Soormally says:
    The Cross is missing behind the Zorro Sign! I’ll read the post later on.
    An hour ago, I made a HUGE Anglo-Saxon mongrel sweat and howl at me like a wild animal because I dared disagree with him about Elisabeth II’s Sikh Regiment and her Gurkha Army of cut throats and also about WWII! This is an antique place where I bought some quite interesting and very old books.
    Every single time I go out shopping, I meet with really weird people. The day before yesterday, I met with a charming and beautiful 20 year old White Jewish girl from France. We chatted for nearly half an hour while the surveillance cameras were recording us. So, I gave my best performance regarding the French Jews and the Jewish Mafia.
    With my bad habit, one day they will finally catch up with me!
  3. Lindsey says:
    How many times do I have to say DIRECTLY what this is all means:
    The jews, or as they are “known” now, zionists, have put-into action a plan to destroy the world to RE-CREATE THE WORLD IN THEIR IMAGE/DESIGN, and they call it their “jewish Utopia.”
    Everything that you are seeing happening to this planet in terms of the maniacal chaos and misery is all a product of this plan, and the evidence goes far-beyond simply what is said in The Protocols. These psycho/sociopaths have written books bragging-about and detailing their plans, including “The Jewish Utopia” and the like.
    People need to start doing what “I” do and constantly and CONSISTENTLY tell the real reason for why this planet has become a shit-hole all-across the world, when the pitiful truth is that if it were not for these creatures we would all probably be living in a version of a HUMAN-UTOPIA AT THIS POINT-IN-TIME.
    Why can’t everyone else see what is so obvious to me and many others?
  4. Sins Crying To Heaven (from the 1950 Catholic Dictionary – long before the Judaist Vatican II synagogue of Satan conclave of the Devil)
    Sins Crying To Heaven For Vengeance. Willful murder, the sin of Sodom, oppression of the poor, and defrauding laborers of their wages. Because of their malice (they are all sins against society), they call for punishment by a special act of Divine Justice. They bear this special name because Scripture so speaks of them. After murdering his brother Abel, Cain heard these words: “The voice of thy brother’s blood crieth to me from the earth” (Gen. 4:10). Speaking to Lot in Sodom, the angels said: “For we will destroy this place; because their cry is grown loud before the Lord” (Gen. 19:13). In Exodus we read: “You shall not hurt a widow or an orphan. If you hurt them, they will cry out to me, and I will hear their cry” (Ex. 22:22-23). In Deuteronomy we read that a poor man is to receive his wages, “lest he cry against thee to the Lord, and it be reputed to thee for a sin” (Deut. 24:15).
    Also, that Muslims are believers in the monotheist God, i.e. the true God, dates from long before Vatican II.
    Why am I bringing this up. Simply put, the Zionists are using everything they have, especially these groups: Vatican II Ecumenists, pseudo -traditionalists, Christian Zionists, left wing-Communist “liberals” etc. to mask what they are doing in the media and the internet. Simple put, the Zionists commit genocide on people and their JudeNazi brethren in “social justice” settings promote every depravity and license and in the world of finance they are the biggest thieves the world has ever known. They violate every law of God and man. No matter how we look at it they are guilty. They must be
  5. funky d says:
    PRECISELY. the reason for the parasites crimes against humanity IS cos they are jewish. zionism is a bullsh*t smokescreen used by so called do gooder jews to divert attention away from the truth about their beliefs/talmud
  6. steveinvista says:
    Salaam al-Maseeh alaykum, assalaamu alaykum wa masaa’ul khayr, algmi akhuani wa akhawati.
    Salaam al-Maseeh
    In the 19th century, the Triad was a Zio-Marxist-Communist network between Jews in three cities for the purpose of invading Palestine and bringing forth the evil reign of their ‘ha maschiach’ in total opposition to the true Messiah professed by both Christians and Muslims who is Our Lord Jesus Christ. Those cities were Moscow (Tsarist Russia), New York City (Freemasonic America) and Tel Aviv (Ottoman Palestine). This network brought forth Communism in Russia (financed by New York Jewry at the time of the beginning of the mythic 6,000,000). At the same time the Federal Reserve and the Jews’ Tax system was started in the United States to collectivize America under their thumb and give them the power to control politics in the United States, particularly to get the United States to act as their Bully Boy in three (sic) World Wars and many conflicts in between. The third has just begun in 2001 at the infamous beginning of 911. The Triad was morphed by the Jews into the United States, Russia and Red China during the cold war which was between WWII and the current WWIII.
    Current events and the near future:
    The Triad is Russia, China and the United States until Israel replaces the United States, then it is Russia, China and Israel – then there were two, Russia and Israel and then there was one: ISRAEL THE HOME OF THE DAJJAL, ANTICHRIST – that last move is the real reason that Yamantau exists
    Beware and all of us get the word out to warn God’s faithful.
    Baarakul laahu fiik,
    Ma’ assalaamah
    Steve in Vista
  7. Ingrid B says:
    left a comment on the website to the effect that, were there someone, who could lead the Palestinians to safety, and destroy the parasitic entity, once and for all, they would do this sick and dying world a big favour, it might not be enough, but it would be a start..
  8. weeteanscone says:
    America had originally put forth the idea of freedom of religion. This concept is very new when viewed against the backdrop of history.
    From the most primitive isolated jungle village, where the chief is supported by the shaman, to colossal empires such as the Holy Roman, there has never been a government that existed independently of religion.
    There have been occasion when the shaman opposed the chief, and threw the symbiosis out of balance. These usually ended with the beheading of the shaman, and the chief declaring that he would assume both offices until such time as a suitable shaman would appear on the scene.
    As Christendom became dismantled in the West, first through reformation, and later through ‘enlightenment’, a new shaman appeared upon the scene, captivating the chief’s ear with grandiose visions of their symbiosis, and making true the whisperings.
    The shaman in this case was Judah by name, and has gained and prospered.
    We are approaching that point of imbalance where the shaman may overstep his influence once again and challenge the power of the chief.
    If history serves as any lesson at all, then the shaman is soon to loose his head, (and the many eagerly await the day).
    What will be then, when the chief declares himself, both chief and shaman remains to be seen.
    Perhaps the chief will realize the potential problems of even having a shaman, and so to appease the religious hunger of his people state that the shaman is no longer necessary, because the chief himself is God.
    Yes, what follows the symbiosis of chief and shaman, of beast and harlot, is the beast as God.
    Yet even as such, the spheres of governance and religion, will exist together.
  9. Lindsey says:
    Do you know what would be the greatest birthday-gift that I could ever receive?
    I wish to God that “I” personally wouldn’t have to get so God-damned angry and upset on a nearly daily-basis watching helplessly as literally millions of innocent human-beings are being/have been murdered all because millions of living PSYCHO/SOCIOPATHS who believe that they collectively are God-incarnate bringing-about the destruction of the world to create their Heaven on Earth–Utopia.
    Living in a world where I CAN JUST LIVE NORMALLY AS A HUMAN-BEING with those I love and love me without the above stresses and miseries in my/our life(ves) would be the greatest gift that I could ever receive for my birthday.
    God, why can’t this be reality and just a hope?
  10. Al says:
    Once upon a time, Judaism was a religion & faith but now it is a kind of tool to acquire materialistic and political goals… It is shame, it is up to Jews to wake up and change the direction if not their ship will sink…
  11. B.A.Frémaux-Soormally says:
    Steve in Vista says:
    November 25, 2011 at 11:13 pm
    “Sins Crying To Heaven (from the 1950 Catholic Dictionary – long before the Judaist Vatican II synagogue of Satan conclave of the Devil)”
    Great insight. Catholic ecumenism is a farce. Islam laid its foundations more than 14400 years ago, but the Catholic Vatican II one is an abomination, a Jewish trick. Is a fool who falls for it.
  12. B.A.Frémaux-Soormally says:
    Oscar says:
    November 25, 2011 at 9:02 pm
    UK extremely worried about stolen nukes”
    Another Jewish joke! Did the US ever worry about her ‘stolen’ nukes? The UK-US-Israel is one country, one policy, one totalitarian fascist hegemony.
  13. B.A.Frémaux-Soormally says:
    Lindsey says:
    November 25, 2011 at 7:29 pm
    “Why can’t everyone else see what is so obvious to me and many others?”
    If everyone else can see that, THEY (the powers that be) will immediately come down heavy on The Ugly Truth!
  14. MJ says:
    “This brings us to taboo and controversial topics that far too many are quick to label as ‘conspiracy theory’ when in truth it is a real threatening frightful reality. This Secret Entity that encompasses the Corporate and Banking Mafia, the IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve Bank of the “USA”, the Bank of “England”, the Bilderbergers, Illuminati, Freemasonry, Skull and Bones, Trilateral Commission Council of Foreign Relations, and the infamous and secretive Rothschild Dynasty that controls all these Cults. Cults whose origins it seems stems from none other than the Hebrew Kabala Cult that is so prevalent today. The vast majority of these Leaders of these Entities are very wealthy, influential Jews and no one has any right to deny otherwise.”
    I understand that when the knights Templar went to the Holy land they studied the esoteric pagan side of Judaism called Cabala and made a hidden vow to rebuild the Temple mount. Also they began giving usurious loans to other Christians so much so that the bought lands and were owed money by kings.
    What is this cabala exactly? I know it involves magic, but is it from the Talmud? They practice a sick belief system.
    Side issue: Why aren’t more people attacking the concept of interest now that they are suffering?
  15. MJ says:
    correction. The knight Templars were not Christian however at the time many believed they were and they got away with much until they were persecuted by the Catholic church.
  16. Ingrid B says:
    Want to tell you guys about an e-mail I recieved from Sonja Karkar of Australians for Palestine. She supplies the e-mail address, and tlf. number, of a contact person, for an organization, asking for donations of new toys, and clothing, for the children of Gaza..
    I am about to e-mail both to ask if I can donate money, as it would cost a lot to send clothing to Australia, I`ll keep you posted, here is the info:
    Editor’s Note: It’s time for another clothing drive to help children in Palestine and the refugee camps in Jordan. This time, there will be two drives to make it easier for people living on one side of Melbourne’s great metropolitan sprawl to the other. People wanting to donate from interstate should contact Moammar Mashni at or on his mobile 0419 999 773.
    So many people have been generous since Olive Kids began this initiative and we hope that as our festive season draws closer, you will also remember how little joy Palestinian children have in their lives and that even the smallest gift can light up those sad faces. Please consider giving a NEW toy along with any used clothing, or even separately. They may well bring much comfort to those children in Gaza who are still suffering from the terrifying sounds and effects of Israel’s aerial attacks and artillery fire that continue spasmodically without so much as a mention in our media.
  17. Ingrid B says:
    for some reason the e-mail address didn`t register, here it is:
  18. Vickie Jacobs says:
    Excellent article! Can’t say anything more.
  19. weeteanscone says:
    Lindsey says:
    November 26, 2011 at 8:25 am
    Lindsey, you have expressed your sentiments extremely well; and, they are the same sentiments that I and countless others share.
    Over the course of my life, I have searched long, high and low, for the answer to your enigmatic question; “God, why can’t this be reality, and not just a hope?”
    I have discovered ONLY ONE answer that addresses and explains WHY.
    It is found in the writings of those called ‘Christian’. It reaches far beyond the over-simplified conflict of good vs.evil, which ‘religion’ has set before it’s followers.
    I have made an effort to illustrate the warp and woof of things from the perspective gained from attentive research into the issue, and have presented here for your consideration.-
  20. Nothing short of brilliant. Stuff like this keeps me in the fight. Well documented and tempered.
  21. steveinvista says:
    B.A.Frémaux-Soormally says:
    November 26, 2011 at 10:27 am
    Steve in Vista says:
    November 25, 2011 at 11:13 pm
    “Sins Crying To Heaven (from the 1950 Catholic Dictionary – long before the Judaist Vatican II synagogue of Satan conclave of the Devil)”
    Great insight. Catholic ecumenism is a farce. Islam laid its foundations more than 14400 years ago, but the Catholic Vatican II one is an abomination, a Jewish trick. Is a fool who falls for it.
    Salam Basheer,
    For all who recognize the inherent unity of faith in the one true God, Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala, and the final trial we face together prior to the Parousia of ‘Isa al-Maseeh, please see the site The Final Trial. Linked from there are sites on theology, events in the Holy Land etc.
  22. Ingrid B says:
    @Lindsey, almost forgot to say Happy Birthday, hope you get your wish..
  23. Lindsey says:
    I would encourage you folks to come to TIU and discuss some of the issues that we see here from “Idaho” Mark Glenn.
    Since it is my birth-day and I wanted to share what I really want to receive with the folks at TIU, I posted this as an article there for others to see and comment.
    The time has now-come for people to stop being afraid in any way, shape, or form to tell the truth as it is because since these creatures plan to destroy us all ANYWAY, there is nothing at all left to lose.
    Please share my birthday-wish to anyone and everyone you can because I truly do believe that once people see that “MY” wish is simply a reflection of “THEIR” wish(es) to simply live as a human-being with-out un-necessary fears and miseries inflicted upon me and those I love just so that a group of pscho/sociopathic creatures can fulfill their LITERALLY IN-SANE AGENDA, then that will cause MORE people to do the same and tell the truth as it must be told.
  24. Adalberto Erazo says:
    @ weeteanscone
    Excellent blog you have.Not only is it important to know what is going on politically in this world,you must also take the religious/spiritual perspective into account.It’s one of the reasons why so few blogs hit the bulls-eye when we see the madness taking place in this world and that’s why many of us are here on this blog.Christianity has become completely corrupted in the west and has been judaized with this apostasy called Christian-zionism(judeo-christians/Evangelicals).These Evangelicals are helping Israel bring the anti-Christ into this world and they will no doubt pledge allegiance to him.Look at the situation in American society with this thing called “Black Friday” in which Americans conduct a “running of the bulls” killing each other over useless crap they don’t need, never mind the fact that their country’s military is responsible for killing millions(8 million as Isaac told us earlier) and the fact that were on the verge of another world war. Yet no one seems to give a damn when you try to wake them up.This is the sorry state of affairs were in.
    I love Iran.I wish God had made me born there so I can defend her honor.
  25. MJ says:
    Lindsey I agree with you. It is a test, this realm is a test we are being tested by God, the believers are tested to see if we going to be patient and persevere in times of adversity and in times of ease depending on our situation. Also, whether we help ourselves by stopping oppression or aiding each other to help those who are oppressed.
    For the oppressors the test is whether they are you going to cease and repent?
    The bigger test in life for us is following the belief which is worship your Lord who is one without partner. According to His last testament the Quran.
    O you who believe! Stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allâh, even though it be against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin, be he rich or poor, Allâh is a Better Protector to both (than you). So follow not the lusts (of your hearts), lest you may avoid justice, and if you distort your witness or refuse to give it, verily, Allâh is Ever Well Acquainted with what you do [4:135]
    So, Muslims are those who strive to attain justice, between themselves and with other people.
    I also think of a more peaceful more tolerant world. Basically this only happens when the psychopaths are checked
    Enjoy this video:
  26. Oscar says:
    Does Rahm the terrorist say anything heinous here? 11.20.11
    US only..
    Someone grab, upload and link it here ;)
  27. Oscar says:
    Just install “FlashVideoDownloader” into your Firefox addons, very simple. I’ve got several of them, plus a couple programs that get everything, though one isn’t working, because the copy*es removed “What you hear” as a sound input source on windows vista.
  28. MJ says:
    November 27, 2011 at 5:31 am
    “I also think of a more peaceful more tolerant world. Basically this only happens when the psychopaths are checked
    Enjoy this video:”
    With a translation? Some youtube uploaders are getting smarter. Congratulations! But, I am still wondering who that soul mate is. Overall quite confusing.
    Normally, we send praise to GOD and blessings to his Holy ones.
    يارفيق الدرب إني أذكر الفضل وأثني
    My soul mate I remember your kindness and send you praise.
    إنها لحظات شكرا وأمتنان لك مني
    These are moments of gratitude for you..
    كم حملت الهم عني عندما كلت يميني
    For endless times you have held my back when I was down.
    ولكم آزرتني في أمر دنياي وديني
    And supported me in life matters as well in religion.
    إنما يجنى الهدى من صحبت الخل الأميني من يسر في الروض يستنشق عبير الياسميني
    Be hold the faithful mate to gain the guidance
    for who walks in the garden smells the fragrance of jasmine
    يوزن المرء بمن صاحب وأختار وليا وأنا أخترتك فازدت رقيا ورقيا
    One is known by whom he chooses
    I chose you and become a better person
    أنت لي نبع من الإخلاص يبقى أبديا لم أزل أحمد ربي أن لي خلا وفيا
    an eternal steam of faithfulness you are
    and I still praise Allah for such a true mate
  29. MJ says:
    Oscar here is an account of the event that you mentioned @ Grandestrategy:
    The psychopaths are upping the ante for Pakistan:
  30. Concrete man says:
    What an incredible article: rage rage rage !
  31. Concrete man says:
    By the way, have folks heard this fellow? He seems incredibly knowledgeable and on the same page with TUT.
    The Orthodox Nationalist is a weekly program hosted by historian and writer Fr. Matthew Raphael Johnson, Ph.D. The show airs on Thursdays at 9pm, Eastern U.S. time.
    Matthew’s program brings a lively discussion of political theory and religious ideas, with a focus on the central role of Russian and Ukrainian nationalism, and the Eastern Orthodox faith, in challenging the New World Order.
  32. BAFS told me he read the entire article of 7,655 words and found nothing that he did not himself write about and that it was excellent and 99% factual, but on one level it was flawed and he did not want to comment on it as it concerned the “Great Planner”! He is fed up being attacked by one and all as everybody seems to have a fixed religion or ideology and has no intention to change, correct their mistakes or improve whatever has to be improved, and everybody is speaking besides each other. There is little dialogue and sharing. Words mean nothing. But, Maisoon’s insistent requests for answers to her questions cannot be ignored and must be given due attention and not just the usual insipid complimentary remarks. Her tremendous efforts deserve at least an adequate response on our part. So, I am given that job because of the feminine touch! I’ll try my best although Basheer knows that I am worse than him at times. But, let me be not so pessimistic and get on with the job.
    Observation 1
    From the present analysis, a real master-piece, it is clear to me that Maisoon has already all the answers, but she just wants us to confirm them.
    Observation 2
    Maisoon already gives us a hint as to where should also come the solution to our “Jewish” problems in the following words:
    “the demons within our own Muslim Ummah for whom I also share the same ‘hatred’ and contempt.”
    Some of us have reached the point where we found absolutely no solution to the world problems in question as so clearly pointed out in Maisoon’s exposé. But, there must be a solution or else this world is doomed. As we have not been able to and definitely cannot find the solution from Christians, Jews, Hindus and Atheists, we are left with Muslims, but, what kind of Muslims?
    When I studied English and French at school, I was told words had meanings, and if I did not repeat the meanings they gave me, I failed in my tests and examinations, but I found out later that it was all lies. Words had only the meanings given to them according to the politics of those holding power. In a way, words have no meanings! Yet, we need them to be able to communicate. For example, tell the ignorant, racist and European hate mongers you are a Muslim. He (or she) does not understand. He refuses to understand. He decides what is a Muslim and Muslims have no say in the matter. Why? Europeans do not think anymore. They cannot. How can they think when they have only “Jewish philosophers” like Bernard Henri-Lévi, the notorious BHL, who allow no other thought except theirs because their Tribe owns/controls the once Christian media and countries?
    As for the Christians, they have not got a clue what Christ is about because they rely exclusively of Greek, Latin and European mistranslations of the (heavily amputated) Old texts. Mistranslations from one language to another are a reality. They are either inevitable or deliberate in order to suit a particular agenda, religious or political. The West has suffered from that cancer that has been however very beneficial to its materialist goals (to the detriment of its spirituality and humanity) meant to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Unlike with Islam, their ideologies have been murderous throughout the ages. They made the poor, the ‘inferiors’, expendable and every now and then their extermination was ordered as a deliberate policy with always the same aim: to make the rich fewer and richer. The Books and Old Holy Scriptures they did not like, they burned, banned or hid (apocrypha).
    Now, from the little that survived and not in their origin languages (unlike the Holy Qur’ân, which has remained for over 1400 years in its original Arabic without a single alteration or corruption), and mostly in mistranslations of copies of endlessly altered and corrupted copies of copies of copies and of unknown, fabricated or doubtful authorship, I challenge anybody to prove they hold the TRUTH on the original contents and meanings of those Old Writings.
    Like my mentor, I too do not hold the truth, but I am just trying, thousands of years later, to make some sense of a few things I have read and researched on and off for the past 50 years. So, anybody reading me must carry on their own research instead of attacking our writings or us (like trolls do) without ever providing any evidence. I make no difference between them and the Inquisitors who used not only to burn books by the tons but people they did not like by the millions after labelling them heretics.
    I am not going to repeat what Maisoon has already written in great details, as Muslimahs we will find almost the same things to say, coming from the same religious background. I do agree with her wholeheartedly about her findings but would like to elaborate on them, and would stress that we should blame ourselves more and the Jews (or the others) less. If I may add a few words to what has already been said, I will contend (maisoon has already confirmed most of them) that all our miseries of the present Age are connected to “JEWS”, “CHRISTIANS”, Judaism, Jewish Supremacism, Christianity, Christian Evangelism, Christianism, the Vatican, the European Monarchs, the usurious Bank Gangsters, the UNO, WTO, WHO, World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the abominations they produced like Freemasonry, Satanism, “Enlightenment”, Impressionism, Colonialism, Imperialism, Socialism, Communism, Humanism, Feminism, Liberalism, “Human Rights”, “Geneva Convention”, “peace-making and peace-keeping” genocidal policies, “pre-emptive” wars, “Free-Trade”, White European, Jewish, Christian and Hindu Racism, Fascism, Secularism, Neo-Darwinism, New World Order, CFR, Trilateral Commission, World Council of Churches, Bilberbergers, Skull & Bones, Knights of Malta, “Animal Rights”, “Green Peace”, Jehovah Witnesses, genocidal embargos, weapons of mass destruction, Jewish pharmaceuticals (poisons and placebos), Climate manipulations, Mosanto, privatisation, democracy, Western Police Statism, Modern slavery, the Sex Slave Trade, pornography, prostitution, rampant drugs (including alcohol, nicotine, ecstasy) promoted by the Godless State, homosexuality and homosexual marriage and child adoption, Abortion, paedophilia, State run criminal activities, Corporate and Mafia Control of our daily life, “Common Purpose”, Zionism, “Friends of Israel”, Thought Police, Chabad Lubavitch Terror Cells, Genetically Modified Food, Global Pollution, Mind Control, State Terrorism, Tyranny and Oppressions, Cultural Terrorism, the systematic dehumanisation of the human species, Corporate media, Corporate indoctrination via the Public School System, AND SO ON. Their victims: humanity as a whole and in particular THE MUSLIMS.
    Muslim decadence is a reality and this poses the question about the validity of their religion and by extension of GOD Himself (theirs). How can any solution come from a decadent Nation (Ummah of Muhammad)? It obviously cannot except through a Miracle! Either that Nation has to be completely destroyed or radically reformed. As we cannot reform Islam, which was brought to Perfection by GOD Himself, we are left with the Muslim DEMONS for whom I too, like Maisoon, “share the same ‘hatred’ and contempt.”
    This is exactly what we have been doing for decades, trying to reform them and bring them back to Islam, its roots, spirituality, universality and divineness, but most of them would not listen. Yet, we must keep on haranguing them and it will take several generations. But, it is not by ourselves submitting to the tyrannical and oppressive powers that have enslaved us that we can help them. First, we must free ourselves from all fear and allegiance to the system of Kufr, of the “Antichrist”, the Dajjal. If we cannot do that, then, let TIME se to it as to the survival of the human kind.
    The Arabs and Muslims gave Palestine and Arabia to the Jews. They are the ones really responsible for our miseries and not the Jews: the prostitution, pornography, abortion and homosexual networks! To Maisoon, I would remind her that MAN, THE BELIEVING MAN, and not WOMAN was appointed as KHALIF of GOD’s Earth and of all that is in it and as PROTECTOR of the WOMAN, and he failed. Today, he is a follower of Shaytaan. He is a selfish coward and a hypocrite. He is responsible of all the women and young girls (and even babies) who have been persecuted, terrorized, mutilated, raped and murdered by the Forces of Darkness. He is not better than the BLOODY JEW, HINDU, CHRISTIAN and ATHEIST. If he is, then he must prove it or be wiped out, proving that GOD’s PLAN was not that good after all! The Muslim “demons” are real. I am sure Maisoon can see that too as she has seen the Rothschild in control of the Vatican Finances, which means that Tel Aviv, Washington and the City of London are not alone in the Satanic control of the world.
    (To be continued insha’Allah)
    Ghyslaine ROC
    Sunday 27th of November 6011
  33. B.A.Frémaux-Soormally says:
    Bush, Blair Found Guilty of War Crimes
    By Press TV
    November 25, 2011 — A War Crimes Tribunal in Malaysia has found former US President George W. Bush and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair guilty of war crimes for their roles in the Iraq war.
    The five-panel Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal decided that Bush and Blair committed genocide and crimes against humanity by leading the invasion of Iraq in 2003, a Press TV correspondent reported on Tuesday.
    In 2003, the US and Britain invaded Iraq in blatant violation of international law and under the pretext of finding weapons of mass destruction allegedly stockpiled by former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.
    The Malaysian tribunal judges ruled that the decision to wage war against Iraq by the two former heads of government was a flagrant abuse of law and an act of aggression that led to large-scale massacres of the Iraqi people.
    Bombings and other forms of violence became commonplace in Iraq shortly after the US-led invasion of the country.
    In their ruling, the tribunal judges also stated that the US, under the leadership of Bush, fabricated documents to make it appear that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction.
    However, the world later learned that the former Iraqi regime did not possess WMDs and that the US and British leaders knew this all along.
    Over one million Iraqis were killed during the invasion, according to the California-based investigative organization Project Censored.
    The judges also said the court findings should be provided to signatories to the Rome Statute, which established the International Criminal Court, and added that the names of Bush and Blair should be listed on a war crimes register.
  34. Muslimah MAISOON
    “So please, advise me as to why it is not a religious issue but a political one, that it is only ‘Zionism’ and not Judaism at fault.”
    It is not a religious, but a damn political issue in Western parlance! In Islam, religion and politics are one. Jews, Judaism and Christianity are all being used and Islam and Muslims demonised to advance the Satanic Agenda of THE BAVARIAN ILLUMINATI set up by the Rothschilds. Biblical Israelite (Jewish) barbarism, savagery, perversion, lies, deceit, genocidal and plundering policies are being used as scapegoats and weapons of mass deception to manipulate the racists, fascists, fanatics and extremists (“ultra Orthodox”) among the MODERN PHARISEES!
    We are manipulated to hate the Jews, but, they can do NOTHING on their own unless the whole of Christendom and collaborating Muslims, Hindus, Communists and Atheists HELP and FINANCE them! What of the 500,000 non Jewish Russians that have settled in occupied Palestine? This was part of the Plan and the Pagan Vatican is involved as they want to rule the world from Jerusalem, of course, with primarily Christian complicity and the New Agers.
    4. MARIO SAVIO : one of the most dramatic Jihaadi speeches in the history of of the XXth century ! University of Berkeley 1964 (USA)
    “At the time,” he said, “when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part; you can’t even passively take part; and you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears, upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus and you’ve got to make it stop, and you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all.”
    « Si tu venais chez moi mon frère
    Je t’ouvrirais en grand toutes les portes
    Portes de ma maison
    Portes de ma raison
    Portes de mon cœur
    Et de ma compréhension… »
    Adriana ÉVANGÉLIZT
    Conclusion. I never speak in the name of faith, or any particular faith, but always in the name of reason, and “beyond faith”, even though I remain focused on Islam, religions and God in my analysis. It is simply another perspective of the political history of nations, seen from the victims’ point of view and not the victors’ and their bankers and industrial barons. To make this “more interesting”, I will end with these four quotations (I do not have time to translate):
    [i/]1. ROCKEFELLER, humaniste, CFR, fondateur de la Commission Trilatérale, parrain du Nouvel Ordre Mondial, juin 1991, Baden, Allemagne : « Nous sommes reconnaissants aux Washington Post, New York Times, Time Magazine, et d’autres grandes maisons d’édition dont les administrateurs ont assisté à nos réunions, et tenu leurs promesses de discrétion, pendant au moins quarante ans. »
    « Il nous aurait été impossible de développer notre plan pour le monde si nous avions été exposés à la lumière de la publicité durant ces années. Mais, le monde est actuellement plus sophistiqué et prêt à se mouvoir vers un gouvernement mondial. La souveraineté supranationale d’une élite d’intellectuels et de banquiers internationaux est sans conteste préférable à l’auto détermination nationale pratiquée pendant les siècles passés. »
    2. RICHARD SALLANT, Ex-Président de CBS News : « Notre travail consiste à donner aux gens non pas ce qu’ils veulent, mais ce que NOUS décidons qu’ils ont besoin de savoir. »
    3. Richard M. Cohen, Producteur en chef de CBS News (Politique) : « Nous allons imposer notre agenda sur les informations en traitant les sujets de NOTRE choix !
    Pour ces raisons, je ne fais plus confiance aux médias ; je ne regarde plus la télévision ; je suis contre l’école publique.
    4. MARIO SAVIO : l’un des discours jihaadistes le plus dramatique de l’histoire du XXème siècle ! Université de Berkeley 1964 (USA)
    « QUAND l’opération de la machine devient si monstrueuse, et vous donne envie de vomir, et que vous ne pouvez plus y participer, que vous ne pouvez même pas y participer passivement ; vous devez alors faire un bouclier de vos corps en les jetant contre les engrenages, contre les rouages, contre les manettes, contre l’appareil et vous devez le stopper, et vous devez faire remarquer aux gens qui les manipulent, aux gens qui en sont les propriétaires, que, à moins que vous ne soyez libres, vous empêcherez la machine de fonctionner pour de bon ! »
    “At the time,” he said, “when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part; you can’t even passively take part; and you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears, upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus and you’ve got to make it stop, and you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all.” [/i]
    « If you came to my home my brother
    I will open wide all the doors
    Doors of my house
    Doors of my reason
    Doors of my heart
    And of my comprehension… »
    Adriana ÉVANGÉLIZT
    Ce dimanche 11 septembre 6005
    But, Godless Western Hegemonists are never our Brothers and never will be! They always come as guests only to steal, plunder, murder, pervert, pollute, deceive and lie. They are NON HUMANS, WORSE THAN WILD ANIMALS!
    Ghyslaine ROC
    Sunday 27 November 6011
    Ce dimanche 11 septembre 6005
  35. Ingrid B says:
    @BAFS, finally, it`s official, that which most of us have known for some time, they`re guilty, but what will be done?
    @MJ, beautiful video, thanks..
  36. maisoon says:
    We the people of Palestine are the bricks, stone and mortar of our Nation.
    We are its Earth, its moon, and its stars
    We are its fruits, its Oranges, its Olive Trees, Cacti,Cedar trees and sweetcorn
    We are its mountains, its hills, winding roads,sea, rivers and gentle breezes
    We are its faith, its culture and its language
    We are its heart, its soul, its Memory, its aspirations and its Dreams
    And we, by the grace of God, will be its Destiny and Future one Day!!
    Our struggle lives on as long as our Strength, Hope and Determination survives, which will never die!
    I wrote this with the question ‘Is It A Jewish /Religious Question Or Is It Really All About Politics??? to those on my list as a response to a few Arab Brothers who attacked me or criticised me for daring to speak out against Jews, rather than addressing my opposition to the term they wished me to use, to be ‘politically’ correct, namely Zionists.
    Nashid and Mark wanted it posted as an article, to reach a wider audience as they considered the topic an important one and I thank them both for doing so though it was originally only targeted to those I mail to.
    Also I would like to thank sister Ghyslaine for taking the time and effort to reply with her wonderful feedback to my question which to date others have still not anwered and it appears one or two are more concerned with counting the number of words I used.[ If I may, I shall write directly to Ghyslaine in a separate email.]
    Not Jews- Zionists; not Talmudic Judaism, but Zionism, not the Talmudic infested Israeli Supremacist, racist Entity, but rather “Zionist” Israel.
    Well may I suggest to these ‘brothers’ that my eyes are far more wide open and my soul awakened, but can I say the same about you? No?? why, because you are concerned with being falsely labelled as Anti Semitic- an absolutely nonsensical accusation considering it is we, Arabs who are the real Semites and not today’s so called “Jews”, most of whom are European Converts who adhere to a Luciferian Cult that is dominated by its demonic rabid Rabbis and their evil Talmud, and not the original Book, Taurah given to Prophet Musa, pbuh.
    ‘Who are ‘The Jews’ posted by
    Today- 99.99% of Israelis, and world Jewry, non Semites, are remnants of Russian Bolshevik Communist Talmudists and Turkic/Kurdish Ashkenazi Converts – whose ‘g-d’ is Money and Killing and Exploitation of Mankind for the sake of absolute world power in which all non Jews are enslaved and subservient to these modern day “Judaics’.
    This is what Trotsky,a Jew,was preparing for the Russians for the implementation of Communism, which Marx based on the Babylonian Talmud for Gentiles:
    “We should turn Her (Russia) into a desert populated with white Niggers. We will impose upon them such a tyranny that was never dreamt by the most hideous despots of the East. The peculiar trait of that tyranny is that it will be enacted from the left rather than the right and it will be red rather than white in color.
    Its color will be red literally because we would spill such torrents of blood that they will pale all human losses of the capitalist wars and make the survivors shudder.
    The largest overseas banks will cooperate with us most closely. If we win the Revolution and squash Russia, on the funeral pyres of its remains we will strengthen the power of Zionism and become a power the whole world would drop in the face of on its knees. We will show the world what real power means.
    By way of terror and blood baths we will bring the Russian intelligentsia into a state of total stupor, to idiocy, to the animal state of being. So far our young men dressed in leather ~ the sons of watch repair men from Odessa and Orsha, Gomel and Vinnitza ~ oh, how beautifully, how brilliantly do they master hatred of everything Russian! With what a great delight do they physically destroy the Russian intelligentsia ~ officers, engineers, teachers, priests, generals, agronomists, academicians, writers!” ~ Secret Forces in History of Russia. U.K. Begunov 1995, p 148
    These People today are not the Qur’anic People of the book, but false prophets and Hypocrites. the devout children of Shaitan/Devil, who are succeeding in destroying the Arab and Islamic Nations, one by one, turning it into their sadistic but very real Holocaust, unlike the mythical one they created for themselves in order to justify their theft, Usurpation, oppression, and possible annihilation of our beloved Falasteen by creating their Demonic Temple based Israel with all its Cultist ungodly Rituals/Rites.
    late Prime Minister of Israel, Menechem Begin – 1977-1983 – :
    “Our race (the Jews) is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.”
    They destroyed Moses’ Faith, they destroyed Christianity and now they want to destroy Islam and impose their perversity upon our world.
    oh and by the way, Neuterei Karta are also Talmudists who also believe in the existence of Israel, whether it be now, or when their anticipated Messiah comes. I always thought they rejected the Talmud and followed the Taurah, but talking to Rabbi David Weiss, he told me they followed the Talmud!! for those of you who have not a clue about the Talmud, see this educate yourself. oh and be aware that the Jews do not approve of Gentiles/Goyim reading or studying their Talmud which is not a spiritual, Divinely Religious Book, but an offence and an obscenity to all that is decent or moral.. Go
    see also how they treat their women and [Violence Against Women rally in Tel Aviv and
    how they treat Christians in Al Quds/Jerusalem, frequently spitting on the Priests/nuns and the doors/crosses as they pass the Churches. These are the real anti Semites, not me, not my father’s Nation or Deen/Faith which is more Semitic than Cultist Talmudism can ever be.
    ‘Everyday the Jews show the world a new reason to hate and despise them.’
    Theodor Herzel:
    “It is essential that the sufferings of Jews.. . become worse. . . this will assist in realization of our plans. . . I have an excellent idea. . . I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth. . . The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-Semites shall be our best friends”.
    and the Butcher of Beirut and Palestine: late Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, said:
    ‘Israel may have the right to put others on trial, but certainly no one has the right to put the Jewish people and the State of Israel on trial.’
    They worship Shaitan, Money and absolute World Power, seeing us as nothing but animals created here to serve their ilk, to work our blood sweat and tears for them for their personal wealth and glory
    Go see just who these “MUSLIM” Hypocrites are ruling our Ummah- Remnants of the Jewish Tribes who persecuted Prophet Mohammad,pbuh.and his family/companions, which is why they were selected and installed by their British Colonial Handlers to rule and oppress our Nation, to keep it suppressed and poor whilst their Jewish Leaders sucked up all the wealth of the Arab and Islamic Nations.
    In the Kingdom of the Blind – The One Eyed Man shall be King
    Media sources reveal details of a conspiracy by Bandar Bin Sultan and Feltman to “destroy” Syria
    and check out the other sites cited below * which show who the enemies of Islam within our Ummah really are, who the Muslims have allowed to rule and demean and shame our Societies, judaising it with a persistent search for greed capitalism, immorality, religious and Tribal divisions.
    For those Muslims Collaborating with the Talmudists of Israel and beyond, take note of their plans for our sacred Nation and for our Holy Sites, funded by the Rothschilds and their Masonic Cult who have no loyalties other than to their own ilk which means, they use and abuse all their willing grovelling puppets who in the end will end up in the same fate as Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi, amongst the many others they have assassinated in their miserable and violent sadistic history
    Dome of the Rock to be Destroyed
    I wish to leave you with a threatening comment I was sent by a Jewish loving ‘Zionist’ that for me sums up the true state of our rotting world that has lost balance, morality and any sense of justice for all’ because we all have allowed the Judaisation of our God given world.
    “After meeting you…I am actually going to take pleasure of burning Mosques and dangling Rag Heads…..At least Americans face their foes and fight like men.
    If I get into the war personally, I’ll gut the camel riding scum and fill their lifeless bodies with pig entrails. Wrap them in the pigs skin and bury them in hog fat.
    All islamists are cowards and faggots at heart. Anti-Christian, Anti-Semetic pieces of pork shit.”
    We will attack, destroy and forcibly assimilate you all! Guaranteed!Bye Bye Enjoy the flames of eternal death!
    and finally a couple of poems dedicated to Palestine which could also now be applied to those who have perished throughout our Ummah because of this Jewish Evil and the “Muslim” Traitors who assisted them
    Take heart, God is Listening.
    Take heart, there are many who are aware of your suffering and do genuinely care.
    We too absorb your grief and cry out loud “this is not fair”!
    We know you are hurting and find it really hard to endure
    The injustice afflicted, shared by hearts and consciences that are clean and pure.
    The Past has wistfully dwindled away, our sorrowful Present is alas still here.
    Endless prayers for the Future, with hearts and minds full of terror and fear.
    So many unanswered questions, when, oh when will it all end?
    Countless generations of innocent souls shattered for Our Dear Lord to mend.
    Take comfort in knowing Almighty God one day, will wipe your tears and that He, not only can see, but hear.
    We must therefore persevere with our prayers and ask His Blessing for all that we love, cherish and hold so dear.
    Take heart, God is Listening.
    Globalists Created Wahhabi Terrorism to Destroy Islam and Justify a Global State … …the Wahabbi movement was insignificant without …
  37. SteveinVista says:
    Salaam al-Maseeh alaykum, assalaamu alaykum, algmi akhuani wa akhawati.
    Salaam al-Maseeh
    It is the Talmudic Jews and the Bavarian Illuminati and the Secularist United Nations and Zionists (Christians Zionists are not Christian by definition, they are Zionists) and the whole of the New World Order that is the enemy.
    Rants trying to accuse Christians of all faults are as bigoted, deceitful and coarse as the anti-Muslim propaganda out of Washington D.C. Those rants are usually devised by individuals working for and they ALWAYS play to the same agenda as the plan of Oded Yinon to Balkanise the whole region and even the whole world for the Zio-Illuminati plan to divide and conquer the world. As a Christian, I say to all who are misled to believing that Christians are the enemy of Islam – not true, and may God, Allah (swt) bless you to lead you and guide you to know this. Many instances show different, St. Francis and the Egyptian Caliph and the Palestinian Christians and Muslims etc.
    Ma’ assalaamah
    Steve in Vista
    All are welcome here:
    and here:
    and here:
    B.A.Frémaux-Soormally says:
    November 26, 2011 at 10:27 am
    Steve in Vista says:
    November 25, 2011 at 11:13 pm
    “Sins Crying To Heaven (from the 1950 Catholic Dictionary – long before the Judaist Vatican II synagogue of Satan conclave of the Devil)”
    Great insight. Catholic ecumenism is a farce. Islam laid its foundations more than 1400 years ago,…
    PLEASE, READ … 1400 years ago. Thanks.
  39. funky d says:
    traitors who have lead pakistan since inception and currently lead pakistan are brailvis/shias, not so called wahabis. yet no mention of this fact by the likes of maisoon, azaziah, et all. practically all the islamic nations are ruled by brialvis, and most of them are disgusting puppet stooges of the jewish terrorists, especially pakistani leaders. yet that don’t stop the brailvis and shia lot from spreading their bullsh*t about how wahabis are to blame for the destruction of islamic empire. look at your own leaders and see how they are behaving.
    wahabism isn’t real, mohammed wahab never invented/created a new branch of islam. his message was simple, STOP INNOVATING/MAKING IT UP AS YOU GO ALONG, STICK TO WHAT THE QURAN SAYS. AFTER ALL, ISLAM IS WHAT IS WRITTEN IN THE QURAN AND IN THE HADITH. it is not what some so called pir/fakir claims it to be. we do not decide nor can we change the quran to suit us. makes you realise all this bullsh*t that is being currently spouted about wahabism is being done to confuse people, and blame others for their mistakes. just think of all the money that the brailvi holy men are missing out by people reverting back to the beliefs as enshrined in the quran.
    question for MG – is this site now gonna be the new hunting ground for ahl-hadith (or wahabis as ignorant numptys call us)? should all those who consider themselves ahl-hadith no longer bother visiting this site and stick to others such as, etc, etc, etc. after all, if you are going to engage in this sort of jewish media bullsh*t that is being designed to create further divisions in the muslim world then this is not a website i wish to frequent.
  40. Ingrid B says:
    @maisoon, speed the day that Palestine is free, free from vermin and blood sucking parasites..
    Here is an update re. olivekids, a reply to my e-mail to Moammar Mashni :
    Certainly Ingrid, thank you.
    Here is the link to our website to donate:
    Thank you again for your support.
    Moammar Mashni
    PO Box 55
    Hawthorn, Victoria, 3122
    ABN: 95206358805
    Registered Charity:11536
    Olive Kids – improving the lives of Palestinian children
  41. funky d says:
    November 28, 2011 at 1:04 am
    “… the likes of maisoon, azaziah, et all ..”
    “… question for MG – is this site now gonna be the new hunting ground for ahl-hadith (or wahabis as ignorant numptys call us)?”
    “the likes of” seems to be one of your favourite expressions. Why don’t you get yourself an education and learn how to write and debate political issues?
    I do not think The Ugly Truth is the right place for Sectarian squabbling! Sister Maisoon and Brother Jonathon Azaziah have both proved they are not stupid and even very learned, courageous and CAPABLE! Attacking them in such a manner is simply out of place.
  42. MJ says:
    Brother Funky D many do not understand that this term Wahhabi is a western construct that is used to divide and rule.
    Stop using the terms that are provided to us by our adversaries. It is counter productive.
    It is part of the destabilization template.
    Do not let these fake distinctions work.
    Identify those who are collaborating with the Israelis/Crusaders by name.
    Do not let them divide entire groups of people in this pathetic manner.
    We all agree we should follow the Quran and the Prophetic way/sunnah so let us stick to this.
    The only way to bypass this is to stop any identification except the term Muslim.
    The only way to bypass this is to stop any identification except the term Muslim.
  43. SteveinVista says:
    November 27, 2011 at 9:09 pm
    “Rants trying to accuse Christians of all faults are as bigoted, deceitful and coarse as the anti-Muslim propaganda out of Washington D.C.”
    Which ones?
    By the way, was it not Pope Borgia, a Spanish Pope, who issued a Papal Bull (official Vatican document) giving the entire stolen lands called the “New World” to Spain and warned every other nation not to even think about going there?
    Was it not the Vatican who allowed the Jews to massacre the Palestinians, including Christians, for more than half a century?
    Is it not the Christian Churches that are promoting the Christian love for the Jews and for Apartheid Israel?
    Is it not the Christian warmongering nations that have weapons of mass destruction by the tons and who gave many to the Jews?
    Is it not Christian America and Christian England that supported the Communists and allowed the Holocaust of millions of Christians and Muslims in Eastern Europe and Central Asia?
    Is it not Christian Blair (Knight of Malta) and Christian Bush (Knight of Eulogia and member of Skull & Bones) who have recently been found guilty of genocide of the Iraqi people?
    WARMONGERING Christians stand accused of genocide and are guilty as charged. PEACEFUL Christians are not guilty of anything except of ignorance maybe or of foolishness!
  44. SteveinVista says:
    Salam BAFS,
    I stand by what I said. All of it – I clarified at the beginning that Christian Zionists are NOT Christian. For that matter, neither is the current Vatican, I made that point as well. In fact Christian is faith in God by His divine revelation just as Old Testament faith of Adam and the Patriarchs and Moses and the Prophets and Islam is. The comments I am referring to aren’t yours and they said that all of Christian faith was corrupt and had no truth. That contradicts what Jesus Christ guaranteed the Church 2,000 years ago in the Holy Injils and it contradicts the Holy Qur’an and the Old Testament Prophets as well. The Church is not an earthly organization, it is a body of believers. The actions of some individuals in the Vatican or halls of secular power in London or Washington have nothing to do with Christian faith just as the Frankist-Doenmeh has nothing to do with Islam. Heretic or Khafir, both are condemned – but neither the Christian faith nor Islam nor the faith of David or Moses or the prophets or patriarchs is condemned. Nothing can condemn ANY of those. Just as the deen for Muslims is ultimately the revealed truth of the Holy Qur’an which includes proclaiming the truth of the Taurat and Injil, so is the authority for my faith the words of ‘Isa al-Maseeh. He does not allow, nor would I ever consider, condemning Islam – and God, Allah(swt) expects the same by the Ummah towards Christians. That was, of course, why Muhammad (pbuh) made the oath to Christians. See: Traditional Catholic Prayers: SNIPPITS AND SNAPPITS: PROPHET MOHAMMAD’S (PBUH) OATH TO THE CHRISTIANS
    Again, Christian does not mean some body of secularist heretics – if you read my sites you would find I am harder on them than you ever have been, and it is correct for me to do this.
    Some examples of my condemning heresy.
    There are others.
    Jazak’ Allahu khairan all who love God and take the time to share that.
    And this site shows how we have what unifies us. That is faith in God.
    I am not suggesting combining earthly institutions of “Church” and “Mosque” for that is the Ecumenists way to pave the way for the Dajjal to destroy the Noble Sanctuary and build the hideous abomination of the temple of Remphan there. We must all oppose that completely. Inherent in that false idea of the Ecumenists are two FALSE ideas – one FALSE idea is that Islam is a religion like many religions. That is false. Instead the truth is that Islam is faith in the same God who created Adam and gave Moses the law and sent the Christ when He did. This is faith that the Prophet (pbuh), Allah’s messenger taught which the Holy Qur’an teaches. This is true. The other FALSE idea is that the Church is directed by men and contained in buildings that those men own and control. That is false. The Church is the body of believers who profess Christ from the heart in true faith.
    We have no need to combine our faith as it already is faith in the same God, Allah (swt). Allah is from ancient hebrew Eloah reserved in the Old Testament for God only. This is also an ancient Catholic teaching. Ancient Catholic is not some Vatican aberration. The real meaning of Catholic is all people from Adam to the last saint of God, who truly profess the true God from their heart. Therefore all the faithful of Islam are of course included. The same is true of Islam, for it is true that the Holy Qur’an teaches that all true believers of the Book are included as faithful in Islam from Adam to the last faithful believer. We know we will face Qiyamah together. We must love and help one another here and now.
    Baarakul laahu fiik,
    Ma’ assalaamah
    Steve in Vista
  45. Ingrid B says:
    @MJ, thankyou for leaving words of kindness, and wisdom, for funky d. I wanted to say something myself, but didn`t know how. I hope he sees your comment, it would be sad if he left..
  46. SteveinVista says:
    November 28, 2011 at 7:21 am
    Salam BAFS,
    “The comments I am referring to aren’t yours and they said …”
    Salaam, dear Steve
    I posed only one question: WHICH ONES? Quoting and naming the author surely does allow a proper response.
    Now, if you disagree with what I wrote, I would like to hear your objections because I may be wrong.
    Barak Allah Fik,
    Ma’ assalaamah
  47. MJ says:
    November 28, 2011 at 5:35 am
    “The only way to bypass this is to stop any identification except the term Muslim.”
    Words of wisdom. Thanks.
    I did not watch the video “Propaganda War Against Islam” yet, but there is a War against Islam and GOD that is being waged by most Muslims themselves and that is rarely talked about. By practising USURY and finding excuses for it the Muslims are at war with both Islam and GOD.
    By eating, drinking and doing HARAAM and making haraam things that GOD never made haraam, Muslims are at war against their own religion. No wonder they wallow in the gutter today, and find themselves in the lizard hole as Sheikh Imran Hussain said! I call it rather the PIT OF HELL!
  48. funky d says:
    November 28, 2011 at 1:04 am
    question for MG –
    “… if you are going to engage in this sort of jewish media bullsh*t that is being designed to create further divisions in the muslim world then this is not a website i wish to frequent.”
    Because of his never-ending vulgarity, I can barely read what f…..d has to say. He is too easily excited and angered by “the news” and should keep away from them instead of demanding of others that they conform to his point of view. SO, I did not read up to the end of his comment.
    Now, regarding Mark Glenn and his Website, I do sometimes (or often) give him a very hard time with my crazy posts and he has managed to survive them. Now, he has to be able to cope as well with all what the others write as well, including what is not posted here. Mark deserves all our support and not criticism.
    Who is that f…..d after all who pretends Mark is not doing his job correctly? It would be best that everybody kept his or her religion for themselves and not argue about doctrine, dogma, theology or GOD when it is obvious that they are not experts on the subject.
    I place Mark above all of us as I have not seen him being unfair at all, NOT EVEN ONCE! People who hide behind or are forced to use pseudonyms (which is quite normal in certain cases) should be more moderate in their comments.
    If F…..d was so smart and knowledgeable about the subject of “Wahabism”, why did he not write a proper essay explaining it to us all?
    I can do it because I do have the expertise, but I did not come here to waste my time.
    It would not be out of place to THANK MARK for his dedication and sacrifice for allowing nut cases like us to freely express ourselves here when Freedom of Speech is rarely allowed on many other websites.
    He should even ban me from writing here as very few are really interested in my “pearls of wisdom”. My aim remains communication and dialogue. If readers do not pay attention (so many think), at least the Jews are reading! They have to!
    I am curious though to know what kind of website f…. d wishes to “frequent”! All I can say to him is that if HE IS REALLY GENUINE, just to behave like one!
  49. maisoon says:
    First and foremost, my rant or tirade, as some have chosen to call it, was never intended to cause divisions (as MJ implies) within the Islamic Communities and certainly not directed at ‘all Christians’. I was born a Sunni Muslim and proud of it and I will only follow Allah ta’alaa and his Prophet Mohammad,pbuh and his authentic Sunnah- nothing else after that is relevant or applicable to Islam. I had already written a long commentary but it seems that people have accused me of not mentioning, this that or the other, time permitting and I know that many readers dislike reading long articles as they begin to get bored, or yawn and tire half way through.
    In answer to a couple of contributors here, I wish to say this
    With regards to Pakistan (place of my birth and my mother’s homeland- my mother, like my father from Palestine, was made a refugee from India where Muslims were being systematically butchered by marauding Hindus in 1948, ironically same year my father also was made a refugee!!), yes I agree with funky d comment of Nov 28th that the “Shia’ of Pakistan have alot to answer for, their corruption and their long time collusion with the Zionist West, just as I also blame them for inviting the destruction of Iraq just so they could get rid of one tyrant- I dare ask them- was the price worth it for ridding Iraq of Saddam Hussein?? Could they not have found another way than the one they shamefully chose that cost the lives of over a million dead Iraqis and sadly, still counting due to the increase of Cancers etc from Depleted Uranium and other WMDS courtesy of USA/Israel. After all the war against Iraq was for Israel But I politely suggest to Funky that is he is in denial when it comes to the wahhabis- the present “rulers’ of Khaleej- Saudia who are not Muslims in anyway but are as the title of my piece was questioning, namely Jews- the very reason why this Jewish tribe was selected by the British colonialists to rule Saudia- Holy Makkah/Medina and these Non Muslims are destroying alot of our Islamic Sites there.
    I have no intention of allowing Zionists be they Jew, Christian or Muslim to cause me to bring in any innovations or propaganda against the Muslim Ummah and what it should really stand for, representing the True Principles of Our Creator and the moral/religious Teachings of His Prophet,pbuh.
    Israel: We Destroyed Iraq.. Iraq must Stay Divided and Isolated… The Oil of Northern Iraq will Flow into Israel!
    Yes I blame the SHIA for the death/destruction of ancient Iraq and in fact many of these Iraqis who went against Saddam now yearn the pre 2003 Iraq. Also most importantly, I blame the damn Kurds who have been traitors and collaborators, working with Israel since the 1950s and probably before (many “Israeli Settlers are in fact of Kurdish origin)
    What destroyed Iraq was ARAB collusion which in Iraq’s case were the Shia and the Kurds. Also, I am not a great fan of Iran and its form of Shia’ism which I find deviates from the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad,pbuh. but I will support Iran against any warmongering attacks by the Talmudist Zionists who are the only threat to world peace and harmony.
    Then we have the Sunni Collusion and treachery throughout Sectarian Lebanon, with their pathetic religious and tribal rivalries that is so prevalent there that it makes you sick!! These people also have the blood of Palestinians on their bloodied hands and have vociferously worked with the Jews to ethnically cleanse Palestinians from ‘their’ soil. Pity the Lebanese do not even know their own history, of its historical connections both to Syria and to Palestine, from whom the extremist Maronite/Phalange/Catholics got their ‘Christian’ faith. .
    We also see Sunni collusion with the enemy of both Islam and Christianity within Palestine itself (re Abbas and his infamously corrupt P.A entourage) and their tragic collusion that has caused the Holocaust and Talmudic occupation of Libya.
    Disturbing Sectarian rivalries also have arisen throughout the Emirates (Bahrain), Saudia (the mother of Islam),Yemen and Syria.
    I was not brought up by my late father or mother, with any sense of hatred for either Sunni or Shia- we were all Muslims but sadly we Muslims have become are own greatest enemy, allowing the Jews/Western Colonialists to play on our Sectarian/Tribal rivalries/differences which they have successfully utilised within their planned Political Agenda and Re construction of the Middle East in their desired mould. My disgust for Muslims today also goes deep as I feel shame at their unforgivable weakness, gullibility and outright corruption, selfishness and desires for the “Western” way of Life which as we all know is dominated by the Jews and their sense of ‘morality’
    What I see within the Arab and Muslim world today deeply disturbs me and I see it as a great tragedy and just cannot understand why some stupid Arabs and Muslims welcomed the barbaric Holocaust of Iraq, Libya and now wish it upon Syria. One stupid Palestinian Journalist went so far as to say to me that Assad’s Baathist regime was corrupt and needed to be purged:
    The Assad regime is a murderous, fascist, sectarian regime that is much worse than that of Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin. The pornographic massacres committed by the Alawite gangs are an eternal indictment of an exceptionally brutal regime that only knows the language of death.
    The Syrian people have the right to cooperate even with the devil for the sake of toppling the nefarious regime.”
    This from a learned Palestinian “Muslim” brother!! unbelievable and outrageous to even compare Assad to Hitler and Stalin when in truth the Only Entity that even comes close to those Dictatorships is Israel and its Talmudic Jewry.
    In conclusion to my reply, I would like to say that my intent is not to cause divisions with Muslims or even within our Christian Brethren- we face the same enemy- that is what I have been trying to say and asking whether that is justifiable on my part in so thinking and identifying the ENEMY. All of God’s chosen Prophets were in fact “Muslims” as they all bowed to their one and only Creator, submitting their will and their Life dutifully to Him and that includes Prophets Adam, Noah,Abraham, David, Ismail, Ishaq, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad, may God’s peace and blessings be upon them all. For those of you who attack Prophet Abraham, please note that he was God’s chosen Prophet, that he was NOT born a Jew as ‘the Judaic faith’ came into ‘being with another of God’s chosen Prophets, Moses,a round 300 hundred years later. Abraham was not an Israelite and did not belong to such a “tribe” and did not adhere to any form of Judaic Mosaic Laws which were non existent in his era. He submitted himself to Almighty God and was therefore, contrary to biblical distortions from Western scholars, a Muslim and his Tribe continued with this tradition until Moses and the Tribes of Jacob altered the true path of God, to their own twisted rabbinical divinity.
    I hope I have reassured some and answered questions of others, time permitting. I can sit and write alot more but as a typical housewife and mother, duty calls.
    I thank you all anyway for your discussions and your feedback- most welcome and criticisms too as that is how we learn and grow with our knowledge and hopefully understanding/respect.
    Thanks Mark for allowing me a voice that others chose to suppress and censor.
    salaams to you all.
  50. SteveinVista says:
    SteveinVista says:
    November 28, 2011 at 7:21 am
    Salam BAFS,
    “The comments I am referring to aren’t yours and they said …”
    Salaam, dear Steve
    I posed only one question: WHICH ONES? Quoting and naming the author surely does allow a proper response.
    Now, if you disagree with what I wrote, I would like to hear your objections because I may be wrong.
    Barak Allah Fik,
    Ma’ assalaamah
    Salam Basheer,
    Again it wasn’t you – and it wasn’t Maisoon.
    I like both your spirits. The person’s comments I was referring to originally has not responded and I will leave it there.
    I have a different idea. How would it be with the two of you, Basheer and Maisoon, if I had feeds from each of your sites on my site Palestine Cry, which is where the political side is presented by me.
    Please let me know if that would be OK. If you don’t answer, it means please do not do that and I will abide by that.
    Baarakul laahu fiik,
    Ma’ assalaamah
    Steve in Vista
  51. maisoon says:
    November 28, 2011 at 6:46 pm
    “First and foremost, my rant or tirade, as some have chosen to call it, …”
    Assalamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullahi ta’ala wa barakatuhu!
    Please, do not let yourself be distracted by some nut cases of this website. As I say “arrogantly”, I learn form my peers and elders, but educate all the others. But, from experience, the others in their vast majority have no wish to be educated as they are already indoctrinated to the brim and cannot take anymore of it. Their fanaticism has blinded them.
    “MJ” has the habit of pushing HER religion a bit too often even where it is not relevant at all. I would have thought that as a woman and a Sister of the Faith, she would have understood many things. I read your very long essay and was very pleased with it. Many a times some here have accused my writings to be too long although they pertain to the issues raised. They cannot write and would not let others write. They cannot read because they do not understand. Their brains stop functioning after the first few lines not because of the contents because they simply don’t like the postman or postwoman and would be very glad to shoot him or her. They are among the usual Internet trolls and are not people of scholarship. They simply cannot teach others when they themselves do not know that much.
    Please, Sister, you should ignite those ghosts who haunt the website pouring their twopence of GOD knows what with the speed of lightning on each and every post you happen to be. And, believe me, I visit less than 1% of them as it is physically impossible for me to do more, and I read less than 10% of what I see. Yet, I still get an overdose of the treatment you are getting, now. So, do not be surprised and do not waste your time responding to them. Most of the posts here do not see their authors responding to comments made. When you do it, it is a privilege and WE ALL should not only thank you, but also show their appreciation. But, you are more speaking to dumb people.
    Some try to make this an “Islamic” forum when it clearly is not although Islam and other religions are regularly mentioned in the context of current International Politics. You are free to belong to any religion of your choice whether some like it or not.
    No matter how long and relevant your commentary is, you will always find someone still not happy and getting all excited over some particular issue. They are not essayists, yet they pose as experts at commenting. I would never change my ways just because some “commentators” or readers get bored reading long articles and start yawning and tire half way through.
    “With regards to Pakistan (place of my birth and my mother’s homeland- my mother, like my father from Palestine, was made a refugee from India where Muslims were being systematically butchered by marauding Hindus in 1948, ironically same year my father also was made a refugee!!)”
    Well, it is worse than me as it was only my ancestors who were butchered by the British invaders of their lands and some of the Survivors of that Freemasonic Judeo-Christian orchestrated Hindustani Holocaust were engaged under contract as NEO-SLAVES and found themselves uprooted and living in the British colonies far away from their homeland.
    “…the “Shia’ of Pakistan have alot to answer for, their corruption and their long time collusion with the Zionist West,..”
    I do not know much about Pakistani politics, but they are MY people and I have known them to be quite backward in many fields and always collaborating with the wring people, like the Americans, for example. What they did to “East Pakistan” disqualified them as an “Islamic” nation. At the bidding of the West or in order to please the West, late murdered Benazir Bhutto said she wanted a “secular” Pakistan! “Qadiani” Musharraf helped the Americans to murder millions of Afghans.
    “…I also blame them for inviting the destruction of Iraq just so they could get rid of one tyrant-”
    To get rid of Saddam Hussain was just an excuse as usual. The Jews and the West were both jealous of his achievements (despite all his shortcomings) and decided to destroy the country and the people, not to get rid of a tyrant.
    We must not forget that Saddam sent his armies against the Iranians in order to please his American, British and French employers. How many millions were killed?
    “… when it comes to the wahhabis- the present “rulers’ of Khaleej- Saudia who are not Muslims in anyway but are as the title of my piece was questioning, namely Jews- the very reason why this Jewish tribe was selected by the British colonialists to rule Saudia- Holy Makkah/Medina and these Non Muslims are destroying a lot of our Islamic Sites there.”
    This is proven historically to be the case. The Saudis have been promoting through the “Salafi” Sect that they were the “Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques”, proving beyong the shadow of a doubt that AL-QUDS “The Holy land” was not included. Why? Because, they agreed with Dr Weismann that the Jews could have Palestine! Would Muslims do such a thing? Never in a million years! So, the Saudis are PRO-ZIONISTS!
    “Yes I blame the SHIA for the death/destruction of ancient Iraq and in fact many of these Iraqis who went against Saddam now yearn for the pre 2003 Iraq.”
    The destruction of Mesopotamia was already planned by the British during or after WWI. Iraq could have survived only as a subservient nation to Apartheid Israel set up by the British in 1948, but Saddam wanted more independence and his own money system and oil. Invading Kuwait was their greatest blunder, but the Americans would have fabricated another excuse? After successfully selling the myth of the famous “incubator babies”, it was very easy to sell the one about weapons of mass destruction!
    The Turks I see here are all of Kurdish origins and they all sell pork, alcohol and cigarettes. I know they do not like Muslims like Fetulah Gulen, Adnan Oktar, etc.
    The Arab puppets who are employers of Western Corporations, financed the Iraqi Holocaust.
    I do not accept Shia theology as it is very offensive to Muslims and Islam, but I too will support Iran against any warmongering attacks by the West who is the only real threat to world peace and harmony with their Israeli hound dogs.
    The Muslim Ummah is decadent and because their lands have been conquered and occupied, it is almost impossible for Muslims to improve their countries which are still under occupation and ruled by the UN and its Axe of Evil, the WTO, the WHO, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and its War (“Security”) Council!
    Yes, Muslim collaborators have the blood of Palestinians on their hands too. I would also add that of Bosnians, Chechens, Kashmiris, Afghans, etc.
    Yes, the Lebanese do not even know their own history. Lebanon has lost its identity with its takeover by European racists and imperialists. It is an artificial State and the Lebanese have been indoctrinated to believe that Syrians are their enemy when they are in fact one and the same people!
    The “Maronite/Phalange/Catholics” are MOSSAD and French trained assassins. I was assaulted by three of them in Paris in 1989. They were welcome in France and protected by the Police after their Sabra and Shatila massacre.
    “Sunni” collusion with the Devil is worldwide, unfortunately, and yes, with the enemy of both Islam and Christianity within Palestine.
    Sectarian rivalries will continue as long as the Islamic Khilafah is not re-established. This is the only way the West can control the 1,6 billion or so Muslims in the world.
    I am really and deeply sorry to hear you lost both your father and mother. When I lost my father, it was not a great loss, although I was sad I was never allowed to make his life better. Both my father and mother were hijacked by other members of the family since 1970-1971. But, when I lost my mother-in-law a couple of years ago, I was devastated.
    “… we Muslims have become are own greatest enemy…”
    A fact that I keep repeating, but too many fanatics around!
    “My disgust for Muslims today also goes deep as I feel shame at their unforgivable weakness, gullibility and outright corruption, selfishness and desires for the “Western” way of Life which as we all know is dominated by the Jews and their sense of ‘morality’”
    I share all of this too! And, yes, it is a real tragedy!
    “One stupid Palestinian Journalist went so far as to say to me that Assad’s Baathist regime was corrupt and needed to be purged:
    “The Assad regime is a murderous, fascist, sectarian regime that is much worse than that of Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin. The pornographic massacres committed by the Alawite gangs are an eternal indictment of an exceptionally brutal regime that only knows the language of death.”
    The Syrian people have the right to cooperate even with the devil for the sake of toppling the nefarious regime.”
    Here is another piece of evidence that proves my claim that some Palestinian activists and organisations are just a Zionist Front! I can smell a Zionist rat even on Mars! (although not always!)
    I read just a few lines by one Khalid Amayreh “Arab unity are main challenges facing Arab Islamists” posted on 27/11/2011 – 11:07 PM on The Palestinian Information Centre website (The Voice of Palestine). The fact that Amayreh used the term “ISLAMIST” instead of MUSLIM automatically puts him in the other camp because that term is a propaganda term used by the Zionists and the West to demonise Muslims and Islam. He looks just like one of their propagandists!
    “For those of you who attack Prophet Abraham, …”
    I object only to his depiction in the “Old Testament”. Islam cannot agree that he was driven BY GOD to offer his first-born son Isma’il (the only begotten son of the Covenant before Isaac was born) or else Muslims too have a problem on their hands.
    “I can sit and write a lot more but as a typical housewife and mother, duty calls.”
    I have written tons of material, but people do not read. When they read, they rarely understand. Or it is simply not in their interest to do something about it. I put my two grand daughters to bed and I fell asleep while I was listening to a Muslim preacher. He woke me up when he got very excited about some Sects. I hope this has not woken up the rest of the house. It is now nearly five o’clock in the morning.
    I too join you and thank Mark Glenn (he is unique!) for allowing us “a voice that others chose to suppress and censor”. And, THANKS to you too, Maisoon!
    And salaam to you all.
    P.S. No worry at all. If there is GOD, all is well, but if not we are certainly doomed!
  52. MJ says:
    Salaam sister Maisoon,
    I was looking forward to reading your commentary until these words,”First and foremost, my rant or tirade, as some have chosen to call it, was never intended to cause divisions (as MJ implies) within the Islamic Communities and certainly not directed at ‘all Christians’. I”
    You assumed wrong! I was not even thinking about you when I was replying to funky D.
    I liked your article and share many of the questions.
    I hope everyone found the time to look at the video and watched arrogance in display.
  53. MJ says:
    November 29, 2011 at 5:19 am
    Salaam sister Maisoon,
    “I was looking forward to reading your commentary …”
    A Muslim joke! And, not the post itself, but the “commentary”!
    “I liked your article and share many of the questions.”
    I always thought questions were to be ANSWERED and not “shared”!
  54. maisoon says:
    I wish to apologise to MJ if she feels I judged her comments erroneously or had misunderstood what she was trying to say. I thought I was being accused of causing divisions even among our Muslims here but again that is not my intent at all. I want Muslims to identify the evil that is prevalent among our own brethren, which I am shameful and sad to say exists, especially among our Zionist Leaders and also among their blind followers (e.g the Libyan ” Revolutionary Rebels”). We cannot afford to be in denial jjust because it do not fit in with our affiliations to certain Sects. The last few months have actually shocked me into a realisation that I had held a ‘romantic and too pure’ view of our Muslims today, especially those of influence (the Ullimah who should know better than to be used politically by their leadership). Muslims today have lost their path and have decided to enjoy this transitory world of ours, devoid of ethics/principles, chasing not spirituality, e’eman, but material worth.I hope you understand what I am trying to say here. and in no way do I see myself as “Miss perfection’ as I too have my Human weaknesses which I like to correct as I have been my own ardent Critic and judge!!
    and to Steve- again when I speak against Christian Zionists, he must know that I am not including all Christians, among whom I know there are some very decent, moral and ethical people’ Christians are nearer to Muslims but many do not understand this as their knowledge of Islam is tainted and blinds many to take the path of Islamophobia due to ignorance which stems from successful Masonic and Talmudic propaganda.Indeed, Christian Zionists must never be seen as true Christians at all
    I am not here to attack anyone or belittle their comments but I do want to enlighten those or challenge others respectfully if what I see them say/claim is not justified, or indeed, to be corrected myself if I say soemthing that is not correct or bona fide. My intent has aways been based in good faith and not intentional deception or falsehood. I just hate injustice and cruelty which is too much to bear in this day and age as I see too much oppression, unnecessary suffering- Man’s inhumanity to man that spans the globe.
    To Bashir, thank you for all your kind words and contributions to this discussion and thanks to all who have also taken the time to even bother reading my article and posting a comment.
  55. MJ says:
    No worries Sr. Maisoon. Look forward to more of your articles. :D

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