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Thursday, July 26, 2012

What Palestine needs is to remove Israeli oppression and let the economy grow and have honest banking

Terrorism takes banking to make it work and the worst way to portray your enemies to the world is as terrorists. When it is Israel, they use Black Sayanim (Mossad controlled Arab agents) and CIA-Kissinger controlled banking to funnel what they need to provide the terrorist excuses to give the rogue genocidal state called "Israel" the excuse to commit more aggressions and murder more people and steal more land.

An example below:

BCCI's Arms Transactions for Arab Terrorist Revealed

LONDON — The Bank of Credit & Commerce International handled millions of dollars in illegal arms transactions for Palestinian terrorist Abu Nidal in an effort to persuade its wealthy Mideast backers that the bank was staunchly pro-Arab, according to a former high-ranking bank official.

British weapons secretly destined for the terrorist's arsenal--some of them for resale to Iraq and elsewhere--were financed through BCCI offices here and shipped under export documents that bank officials knew to be phony, records and interviews disclosed.

"During the Iran-Iraq War, the bank wanted to show to the Arab world that we supported Iraq, and we did that through support of Abu Nidal for several years," said Ghassan Qassem, a 17-year BCCI officer who served as Abu Nidal's personal banker and became a spy inside the bank for Western intelligence agencies.

The bank was a vehicle for transmitting money to Abu Nidal from wealthy Arabs who supported his work as a matter of political conviction and from individuals and governments that contributed funds as a form of protection against terrorist attacks aimed at them.

The banker's disclosures provide an important new piece in the BCCI puzzle, helping complete the picture of a bank motivated by the twin forces of politics and profit. His view from the inside supports the perception that BCCI was, in part, an instrument of Arab foreign policy.

Qassem, who managed the Sloane Street branch here, said BCCI's strategies not only aided Arab interests but fostered lucrative business for the bank.

In fact, there is increasing evidence that BCCI profited from associations with a number of individuals and groups engaged in terror and arms trading. Bank audit reports provided to the Bank of England, for example, link 42 BCCI accounts in various British branches to arms merchants and terrorists. And evidence recently obtained by a U.S. congressional committee shows that BCCI financed the export of terrorism to South America, facilitating millions of dollars in transactions between Abu Nidal and leftist guerrillas in Peru.

BCCI was shut down in July by bank regulators around the world after its auditors uncovered evidence of widespread fraud and losses of $5 billion or more. The bank remains under scrutiny by criminal investigators here and in five American cities as well as by banking authorities.

In interviews arranged under strict security at a London hotel, Qassem provided new details of BCCI's relationship with Abu Nidal, whose attacks are blamed for more than 300 deaths and 650 injuries. The soft-spoken banker also disclosed new information about BCCI's long-shrouded ties to U.S. and European spy agencies.

But it is Qassem's explanation of the bank's motives that adds new perspective to BCCI's links to the Arab sheiks who bankrolled the bank.

Many of the wealthy Arabs behind BCCI are longtime supporters of Palestinian terrorists. Sheik Zayed ibn Sultan al Nuhayan, the ruler of Abu Dhabi and the bank's current majority owner, was an early patron of the Palestine Liberation Organization.

Other moderate Arab states where BCCI operated are said by Western authorities to have paid millions of dollars into Abu Nidal's BCCI account to buy protection from terrorist violence against their diplomats and prominent citizens.

A French secret service report says that certain Mideast countries bought peace by making regular payments to Abu Nidal and his organization, an accusation made earlier in U.S. reports. A former CIA chief of counterterrorism, Vincent Cannistraro, said that countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates "feel very vulnerable. Their citizens cannot be protected around the world. So, they pay for protection."

Qassem said Arab countries made regular monthly or annual payments to Abu Nidal.

"Sometimes the money was paid in cash, delivered in suitcases," he said. "Or it was deposited to (Abu Nidal's) bank accounts in Jordan, Switzerland, America. But the bulk of the money came through the BCCI account here."

Abu Nidal had many other sources of income, Qassem said, including commissions from arms transactions. Aided by access to BCCI records, Western counterterrorism agents also learned that Abu Nidal traded profitably in construction services and various other legitimate businesses.

Shortly after Qassem began spying for Britain's MI-5 intelligence organization, the United States and Britain pressured Poland to close an Abu Nidal front company operating in Warsaw. The company, SAS Trade and Investment, had sold arms and other goods to the Mideast and was a key part of the highly organized ring's profit-making operations.

Qassem described his dealings with Abu Nidal and intelligence agents over the course of two interviews here. They were arranged through an intermediary at public locations because Qassem said he fears for his life.

HSBC is picking up where BCCI left off: The Justice of God: HSBC exposed US and possibly India to terror funding: Senate Permanent Subcommittee - Economic Times

HSBC in Palestine.

Palestinian Autonomous Area | HSBC Holdings plc:

Palestinian Autonomous Area

HSBC Bank Middle East Limited

Jaffa Street, PO Box 2067, Ramallah, West Bank, Palestinian Autonomous Area

Tel: + 970 2 2987802

Fax: + 970 2 2987804

Branch Manager: Andres Floden

Credit Officer: Kais Zuhaika

Operations Manager: Murad Mansour

Customer Service Manager: Thanaa Shalab

The branch offers comprehensive banking services and access to the HSBC Group’s worldwide branch network.

Personal, Corporate & Custody and Clearing services are offered by HSBC in Ramallah. HSBC is the sole Custody & Clearing Services provider in the Palestinian Autonomous Area. We provide full research services, safekeeping of stock certificates and release of certificates on behalf of global custodians investing in Palestinian securities through the PSE. Moreover, the branch follows investment-banking opportunities and refers potential leads to relevant departments in the group. Financial Planning Services are also being widely marketed.

Retail and Commercial Banking in Palestine – HSBC Jordan

Palestinian Autonomous Area

In the Palestinian Autonomous Area (PAA), the HSBC Group is represented by HSBC Bank Middle East Limited, the largest and most widely represented international bank in the Middle East.

Operating in the PAA since 1998, HSBC's unique relationship with the Middle East dates back more than a century.

Today, HSBC provides a wide range of banking services to both corporate (Commercial Banking) and individual (Retail Banking) customers.

Mahmoud Abbas, the Arab Mossad agent who was the terrorist of Munich in 1972 and was given Palestine to pillage as a reward from his Israeli masters is still involved today as an Israeli agent to oppress Palestine.

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