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Monday, July 2, 2012

Fantastic spokeswoman, Miriam Makeba - South Africa, a Cry for Freedom. Palestine Cry is today.

Short history of: Miriam Makeba - Mama Afrika

The South Africans know very well what the Palestinians are going through and the Palestinians know absolutely what the South Africans went through by suffering the same utterly barbaric savagery of the JudeNazi Zionist occupiers. Lest we forget, Britain, with help, foisted this upon each of these innocent peoples.

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Prisoners On Hunger Face Death In Palestinian Prisons

The Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR) is deeply concerned about the lives of detainees on hunger strike currently being held at the General Intelligence Detention & Interrogation Center in the city of Bethlehem and the possibility of deteriorating their health condition because of the strike, which began on Wednesday, 20/06/2012. On Monday, 25/6 / 2012, ICHR paid a visit to the detainees in the wake of their announcement to enter into an open hunger strike in protest against their arbitrary detention, although court decisions have been issued by the Palestinian competent courts to release them.
ICHR eagerly followed the issue of non-implementation of court decisions issued by the Executive that the non-implementation of court decisions is a crime punishable by law in accordance with Article (106) of the Palestinian Basic Law, which states that: “Judicial rulings shall be implemented.
Refraining from or obstructing the implementation of a judicial ruling in any manner whatsoever shall be considered a crime carrying a penalty of imprisonment or dismissal from position if the accused individual is a public official or assigned to public service.
The aggrieved party may file a case directly to the competent court and the National Authority shall guarantee a fair remedy for him.” It also considers arbitrary detention a violation of international conventions for the protection of human rights.

Accordingly, ICHR calls upon the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) to assume its responsibilities and the immediate release of all detainees in implementation of the court decisions and in line with the provisions of law and international conventions.
On the other hand dozens of Palestinians from Hebron demonstrated on Wednesday June 27 2012 against the PNA and in solidarity with the detainees at the Palestinian intelligence prison in Bethlehem, where four political detainees have been on hunger strike for nearly 10 days. They are Mohamed Al-Atrash, Mohammed Abu Hadid, Othman Al Qawasmeh and Moatassem Al-Natshe

The Palestinian authority “security forces” has prevented the media from filming the protest under the pretext that the event takes place in front of a “security” building.

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Europa & Palestine News « Kawther Salam

15 Years Jail For Exporting Gas to Israel At Low Prices

On Thursday, June 26 2012 an Egyptian Criminal Court sentenced in Cairo to 15 years imprisonment each, former Minister of Petroleum Sameh Fahmi and fugitive businessman Hussein Salem. According to judicial sources, the sentences were handed down in the case of the exports of Egyptian natural gas to Israel at prices far below market.
Both former minister Fahmy and the fugitive Salem were figures of the former Mubarak regime. Both were very close to the former dictator and their sentences were due to corruption and harming the countries interests in the case of gas exports to israel at prices far below world market price levels. Mubarak himself was sentenced to life in prison for failing to prevent the killings of protesters during the uprising last year.
Hussein Salem is a fugitive from justice and currently lives in Spain as he has a Spanish passport. He was tried in absentia.


  1. Bonjour madame Salam,

    Israel is the home of the 19 crime families that run all drug cartel dealing throughout the world. It is a crime syndicate that calls itself a religion, but it is only a mob. Mossad runs all the major drug dealing throughout the world. Along with their drug dealing they are also massively involved in all sorts of other crime. Just thugs and hoodlum criminals who should all be confined in a prison colony in Antarctica. Just make sure they don't bother the innocent penguins.



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  1. All constitutional law and the Republic ceased in the former United States with the so called neo con revolution and the dialectic “other side” of the one world free trade Democrats (together, the drug dealing coalition in high places). This so called revolution and its loyal “opposition” is nothing more and nothing less than 1940's neo Fascism used to completely takeover the government. The United States was never a Democracy, but it was a Republic. It is now a dictatorship of Anglo-Zionist garbage and Uber-Juden-Nazi-Zionist expansionism in the Arab homeland perpetrated by absolutely depraved Satan worshipping creatures.

    John F. Kennedy was a Pan Arabist and would have defended the Arab Homeland against the 1967 war, WHICH WAS SOLEY STARTED BY "ISRAEL." When the Liberty was attacked, another GTR intelligence man on another ship, who I discussed at length with about this, told me that the entire Military Intelligence and the White House monitored and knew about all of the communications concerning the Liberty and the UNLAWFUL Act of War by Israel against the United States in attacking the Liberty, AT THE TIME OF THE ATTACK, they knew exactly what was going on. They sold out the Liberty on purpose. That was Johnson's third act of High Treason against the United States. Johnson's first act of High Treason against the United States was to assist Nahum Goldmann, Ben Gurion and Meyer Lansky and others (Unione Corse and Mossad - CIA) in assassinating Kennedy in 1963. That was done for three reasons. 1) The ZioNazi Israelis and Ben Gurion wanted Nuclear Weapons and Kennedy stood in the way of the unlawful covert Dimona Nuclear Weapons production center in “Israel” which was started unlawfully by French and British help secretly just before that time, in fact during Eisenhower's Presidency – it was Eisenhower in his famous speech about the Military-Industrial Complex who warned Kennedy about all of this; Kennedy understood him perfectly. 2) Kennedy and Dean Rusk and the rest of the “brain trust” (his cabinet as they were known) of Kennedy were Pan Arabist and against “Israel.” 3) Kennedy had a plan drawn up by and for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, that if ever “Israel” started a war against the Arabs, like they did in 1967, the United States Military would have gone in and DISMANTLED “Israel” and given it back to the Palestinians. I wish to God he had.

    The Communists (closet ‘replicas’ and agents of the Zionists), wanted the United States involved in Vietnam, especially to solidify their drug cartel apparatus there. Kennedy monitored Vietnam with a few Special Forces but it was his stated policy to keep us out of war there, and he would have. Johnson’s second act of high Treason was the Gulf of Tonkin Incident (August 2nd & 4th, 1964), total fabrication by U.S Military Intelligence under Johnson to get us into the Vietnam War. Johnson’s third act of High Treason was betraying the USS Liberty in 1967 and NOT RESPONDING to acts of war by “Israel” against our Arab Allies and by “Israel” against the United States. Those clear acts of war by “Israel” called for lawful retaliation by the United States against “Israel,” including the Nuclear Armed U.S. planes, which were armed that way for that reason – to hit anyone which attacked the United States vessels. “Israel” attacked and attempted to sink the brave men and their ship the USS Liberty. Any thing less than that response to go in and annihilate the rogue non-state of “Israel” for their act of war against the United States, was: plotted out and planned High Treason by Johnson and McNamara. Johnson and McNamara should have been impeached and tried and executed for the high crimes and the High Treason they committed against the United States.

    “Israel” is a criminal conspiracy by the Kahal. It should have never been allowed to exist.