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Friday, July 27, 2012

The big excuse - OR - Red Dawn revisited

Palestine has been made a bone of contention on purpose. It is a lightning rod for every issue of global concern and worry. The nuclear weapons of "Israel" are shielded by the enslaved human shield Palestinians. When that is used for the final betrayal of the Jewish enclave of Jewish-Zio-Aryan-Shiite Iran and by agreement with Zio-Communist Russia beforehand, then the response from the new Triad: Russian (Yamantau Mountain and Russian space platform) and China's naval transported medium nuclear tipped ICBMs and Israeli (six nuclear weapon carrying submarines minimum - supplied by Germany), will be against the - surprise!!!!!!!!!! - United States and not Israel?!??!???!?!!!!!!huh?!??!!!? Why of course the United States must be blamed for all that the ZioJuden manipulators have done to it - always blame the victim of the Jews and never the eternal "victim," the Jews for what they do. Remember Soviet Russia? 90 million gentile Christians murdered by Jew Bolshevik Communists and then the propaganda machine of international Jewry claims the Jews were the victims?!???!???!!!huh!?#$@$^$%*? That is right, it is a game to bleed the Americas dry of all gold and resources and fiat currency and then destroy the United States as an obstacle to the Pan hegemony concocted by the Zio-Masonic-Communist global cabal of Pan European based world dictatorship with the snake's head of IsraHell manipulating all of it. The next step in the JudeNAZI three card monty street game of Transnational crime will be eliminating China -  again by Russia's Yamantau with European Russian dominated NATO (minus the then destroyed United States) assistance. Then whether or not they meant to, it will be the King of the North (Russia) versus the King of the South (IsraHell). The world is supposed to sing "How I stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb."

Keep in mind that the God hating, world hating Satan worshiping Jew Rabbis of the first century A.D., in their absolute and total all consuming hatred of Jesus Christ even concocted a scenario then in the Jew Gnostic cults whereby the false messiah of the Jews, the Antichrist (Dajjal), would come and conquer the world for the Jews and erase everybody else and then even be destroyed with the Jews finally leaving no one left alive on earth AT ALL. This is the completely insane Devil's hatred of the Jews for everything and everybody, simply because they were commanded by Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to love God and their neighbors and to obey God via the sermon on the mount of Christ and to reject the false Rabbinical Babylonian non-law concocted by the apostate Jew Haburah. The Jews chose instead to worship and follow Satan instead. They are accursed children of the Devil and all they do is of the Devil and the Devil's hatred of God and men and all of God's creation.

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