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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Spies in the Middle East

Here is a tree of the Intelligence services involved in the Middle East, both historical and present.

A note about Intelligence services in general and specifically in the United States. Intelligence services, especially Military Intelligence, are a lawful and proper arm of government - the oldest and most venerable and utterly most loyal in their history to the United States is Naval Intelligence.

Some of the worst in Eurasian history are the Gestapo (Nazi Germany) and the CHEKA and NKVD (Communist Russia) - both were designed to oppress their respective countries.

Infiltration and subversion are marks of a saboteur mentality that was brought to the fore in the 19th century in Europe, including Russia.

Some of the worst intrigue in European history is the result of the Borgias, 14th through 16th century in Spain, Italy and France.

The Middle East has a long history of its own assassins and zealots.

In the region today it is a hotbed of the worst of the world's competing spies. None of whom has an ounce of compassion or mercy for anyone.

Before and after the Cuban Missile crisis, it was the Caribbean and South America that were the targets of a foreign European sponsored disruption. The 20th century Communist based Triad, extending loosely from the private non-government socialist triad of New York, Moscow, Tel Aviv in the 19th century, had made huge inroads into the Americas, both North America and South America. Mimicking European incursions in the time of the war of 1812 and the Civil War of the United States (1861–1865), Canada was a base of operations for Caribbean and from thence South America. It wasn't exactly the same by any means, but a time worn trail of yet another Euro-Colonizing attempt.

The 18th century founding fathers of the United States were more than well aware of the vast intrigues surrounding all the shores of the Mediterranean and its resemblance to the Caribbean in geographic structure and its history of piracy on the high seas and were quite resolved to have the United States stay out of this sort of thing. England was quite determined to have the United States dragged back into it. England had by the 18th century adopted as its "guiding dark light" in politics, Niccolo Machiavelli (1469 - 1527), and was entirely involved in the intrigues of the Revolutionary movements of Europe. The French Revolution - 1789–1799 (the precursor of the Communist Revolution of 1841 to the present) was engineered in part by the English Socialist Freemasonic "Freethinkers." Bismarck and Stalin, in the 19th century and 20th century respectively, are two of many heads of this hydra. Both are examples and results of the Marxist-Hegelian right wing - left wing pantheist dialectic of Socialist "Heroic Materialism." Heroic Materialism itself was present in the Freemasonic element in the French and American Revolutions. The Risorgimento, of not just Italy but all of Europe in the 19th century was an outgrowth of this - planned in the secret revolutionary conspiracies of the Freemasons and above them the Black Nobility with Jesuit complicity throughout. The Renaissance base of all of this cannot be denied. All of it always goes back to the Bavarian Illuminist Black Nobility of Germany dating from the Crusades. This is the New World Order, very much a European plan to dominate the world and reduce the United States to a serf status on its own land and make it a modern form of a Byzantine mercenary to do the will of the Antichrist in the European invasion, spearheaded by England, of Palestine.

What is currently happening in the Middle East is a European 'bidzness' (sic) 'thing,' based currently on the 1956 Treaty of Rome.

The United Nations is the world patsy of all of this.

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