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Monday, August 22, 2011


There are two main roots to the modern ecumenical movement, which is Apostasy from the true God. The modern ecumenical movement seeks the destruction of the Arab homeland and the setting up of the New World Order rule of the Antichrist from Jerusalem.
This is:

The Goal of Communism

One root is the ancient Graeco Roman paganism. It is descended from the earlier Graeco Egyptian Cretan Polytheistic sacrifice to false gods, especially serpent gods/goddesses of the Mediterranean.

The pre-Socratic version:

Hesiod's Theogony - Greek Poly-Pantheism underlayed with Musaic Monism

The other is the apostate Jewish Naaseni Haburah. That is actually Babylonian during the Israelite exile in Babylon. It is connected, in the more ancient world, to the tower of Babel (ruins at Tell el Obeid in modern Iraq). The Tower of Babel is also the root to the Egyptian and Graeco Egyptian pagan religions.

Today it is represented by the Noahide movement, see:

Lefebvre, Noah, Noahide

Together they become

And they produce

Nothing is above

The faithful will adhere to:

The Catholic Creed

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