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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Palestinians Demanded a Trial for Abbas « Kawther Salam

Palestinians Demanded a Trial for Abbas « Kawther Salam

Palestinians Demanded a Trial for Abbas

Today Sunday November 4 2012, thousands of Palestinians called the Palestinian Attorney General official and informal legal institution and the Palestinian Lawyers Association to initiate a criminal case against Mr. Mahmoud Abbas for violating the provisions of the Basic Palestinian Law (constitution) and the national and international laws concerning the right of return of Palestinian refugees to their homeland and property from which they were displaced by the zionist occupation, in particular, the Article 6 of the Law on the right of return for refugees of 2008, which stipulates that anyone who violates the provisions of this law shall be guilty of the crime of treason and that such an individual shall be subjected to all criminal and civil penalties assessed for this kind of offense.
The recent statements of Mahmoud Abbas constitute clear violations of the constitution, among others the provisions of Article 28 of the Palestinian Basic Law and its amendments, which stipulates that it is not permissible to remove any Palestinian from his land or prohibit him from returning to it.
It is also a violation of the provisions of the law of the right of return for the Palestinian refugees No. 1 of 2008, in particular Articles 2 and 3 of this law, which state that the right of return of Palestinian refugees is an inalienable and holy right, is not negotiable and is not subject to reinterpretation or referendum. It is a natural individual and collective right which is transmitted from parents to the children and which does not fall over time (statute of no limitation) and is not affected by the signature of any agreement, can not be waived individually or collectively and is not to be subject to negotiations of any kind.
The remarks of President Abbas are an extreme insult to the Palestinian struggle and to the Palestinian national liberation, and are a clear violation to the provisions of Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations, which clearly affirms the Palestinians right to struggle and self-defense by all means, including expressly the armed struggle.
Finally, the Palestinians demanded that the thieving midget Abbas to go to live in his house in Jordan, where he owns property valued at more than 13 million dollars, bought from proceeds which he stole from donations for the Palestinian people and other Palestinian funds, next to the several billions which he hides in bank account in locations around the world such as Liechtenstein and Jersey, among others.

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