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Friday, December 2, 2011




The Final Trial: Holy, holy, holy Lord God Almighty, Who is and Who was and Who is to come

St. Francis was the bright shining light in the middle of the nefarious affair of the colonizing of the Holy Land for political ambition begun by the Byzantine Emperor and Pope Urban II. St. Francis went to the Sultan of Egypt, Malik-al-Kamil, the nephew of Saladin, and did not insult his faith, but instead prayed with him. The Sultan was so moved by St. Francis, that upon his leaving he presented St. Francis with a horn used by the muezzin to call people to prayer five times a day. St. Francis used that horn thereafter to call his fellow Christians to prayer with when he returned to Italy. To commemorate his meeting with St. Francis and the profound impact of meeting a true Christian, the Sultan’s tomb was engraved with this, that what changed his (the Sultan’s) life was the meeting between a Christian monk (St. Francis) and the sultan in his tent. The Sultan remained a devout Muslim the rest of his life.

This impression of the real honest decency of a true Christian is what was the reason that, when the Palestinian patriots (both Christian and Muslim together) threw out the Colonizing Freemasonic Crusader Invaders, the only European Christians allowed to remain by the Muslim rulers were the Franciscans. The Franciscans were even given charge over the Christian sites of the Holy Land by the Muslim rulers.

Concerning Saladin:

THE CRUSADES 1095-1291:

“Saladin's lasting reputation among Christians, as a man of chivalry and honour, derives above all from his treatment of the inhabitants of Jerusalem. The contrast, eighty-eight years earlier, with the behaviour of the crusaders in Jerusalem could not be greater. Instead of pillage and massacre, there is an orderly handing over of the city. Holy places are respected. A ransom is to be paid for each Christian to depart in freedom, but it is not high. Among those who cannot afford it, many are released by Saladin instead of being sold into slavery.

To the very end, the Christian authorities set an appalling example. The patriarch, after buying his freedom with ten dinars, departs with wagonloads of valuable treasure which could have been used to free fellow Christians.”

[End of excert of THE CRUSADES]

Concerning the Crusaders:

The very first Crusaders were well received by the Muslim overlords for especially the example set by the original St. John Hospitallers (before their Freemasonic corruption) who helped Muslims and as well as Christians with medical aid and protected both of them against the criminal thieves in the area. Later the Vatican showed its true colors when a Cardinal had the Crusaders slaughter all the inhabitants of Jersualem including the Catholics in union with Rome that lived there – which the Crusaders had informed the Cardinal were there. “God knows His own , kill them all,” was the Cardinal’s response; the horrified Crusaders did what they were told.

The vain attempt by the Vatican of today to cover their Antichrist occult Satanic Devil worship of the Assisi interreligious prayer meetings with mentioning St. Francis is absurd. Neither St. Francis nor the Sultan would have anything to do with the Vatican today. Neither do any faithful Catholics. I was baptized (by a Franciscan priest as a matter of fact) years before Vatican II and it would violate my baptism and profession of faith in Christ to have anything to do with the Antichrist, ad-Dajjal, slave that the Vatican is today.

The Crusades brought back the Hermetic Satanic Magic that forms the basis for Freemasonry and that is what has totally corrupted and destroyed the Vatican in terms of any real confession of Christian faith by them. Muslims know this and faithful to Christ Catholics know this.

The Illuminati: The Core of the Illuminati

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